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Avi Amesbury:  Research Series 2002


Slideshow of Avi Amesbury's work.

The dichotomy of landscape informs the work. The chaos, the quiet beauty imbued by colour and the simplicity of form are used to evoke feelings of internal solitude. Spiritual and cultural signifiers are explored and the stamp becomes a cultural link between past and present; between landscape and spirituality; a simple mark of homage and respect.

Colours offered by the land are integral to the work. The ancient tradition of raw clay dug from natural sources produce colours of old. The range and variety of hue reflect new techniques and the discovery of colours anew. Memories unlocked we share in the lands beauty, it's simplicity, and it's spirit.

Form becomes emotive. Building blocks speak of cultures upon which we now stand. The eternal foundations that ebb and flow across traditional and geographical boundaries. The bowl speaks of a time remembered. A faint song deeply embedded, almost forgotten, recalling the poetry of the land and our dependence upon its existence.