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John Heaney - Three Tiles

The humble tile, a slab of clay, is an interesting place to challenge conceptions of clay's material possibilities. A little like sitting down in front of a blank piece of paper with a pencil in hand. John Heaney says, "I think in three dimensional terms and so cut with a wire; gouge with my thumb or other hand toosl. And, as with these three tiles, work with the flame of the kiln." What starts off as a simple slab of clay becomes something magical.

The work of John Heaney is featured in 500 Tiles: An inspiring collection of international works published by Lark Books, 2008.

John Heaney
Tile, 2005
Slab, wood fired, salt glazed
23 x 26 x 2cm

John Heaney
Tile, 2006
Slab, RSF stoneware, wood fired, unglazed
26 x 34 x 3cm

John Heaney
Tile, 2006
Wirecut slab, wood fired
34 x 24 x 3cm