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Seo Byon-chan ::  Circulation


Slideshow of Seo Byon-chan's work.

My interest in the past three years was the spiritual based on Buddhism and folk belief.

People are loosing their humanity little by little due to the development of technology for living, and rely less on what they see by eyes and feel by skin. This fact made me to turn myself into religious things so that I can see with eyes of mind and feel with skin of heart.

In Buddhism, there is one drawing explaining the achieving of religious truth, which shows just a circle, out of 10 story drawings. The drawing tells to be emptied, which is religious truth, and I realized that to be emptied is part of circulation. For example, we were born with nothing and die with nothing.

My circulation exploring started with the drawing of circle and understood of story, which contains not only religious truth but also circulation. The circulation as fundamental phenomenon that we can notice in nature such as circulating of water, seasons etc. and that is how we can survive in the earth and the earth can exist in the cosmos.



Seo Byon-chan graduated Master of Arts (Visual Arts),
Australian National University, Canberra, 2003