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Lia Tajcnar:  edge of function


Slideshow of Lia Tajcnar's work.

edge of function consists of vessels on sculptural bases, representing the 'edge'. The bases are made from an amalgamation of various fired ceramic elements. Some of the elements are made specifically for the sculptures whilst others are recycled from other works and are often purposely broken to create interesting fragments. In a reversal of conventional ideas of function the destruction of the whole into fragments creates the possibility for new use and form. This also connects to the integral theme of this body of work: the role of chaos in order, and the role of chance and destruction in creation.

The work also looks at the edge of function on another level as the vessels are functional vases. The addition of a natural plant or flower works to give the sculptures other levels of possibility and meaning. In this way the 'function' of the work also acts to add aesthetic and conceptual resonance to the work. One of these ways is through creating a dialogue between the ceramic representations of the natural world and the 'real' organic plant-forms. The plants also reinforce the element of chance as the visual and sculptural properties of the different plants and flowers can be used to aesthetically impact the work.