Avi Amesbury
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Ivy Yock:    1918 - 2009
Ivy Yock was a pioneer in pottery and sculpture, a multi-disciplined artist who had a long and diverse history of working and excelling in a number of the visual and plastic arts, writes Gordon Foulds.

Lindsay Oesterritter:    Woodfire
Lindsay Oesterritter, artist-in-resident at Strathnairn Arts Association in Canberra, is intrigued by the slow and natural changes that are constantly yet imperceptibly altering our daily environments.

Gus Clutterbuck:    Stayin' Alive
In a society that is reliant on drugs and the professionals who prescribe them Stayin' Alive is a collection of ceramic sculptures and installations that comment on our relationships with the medical profession. Questions of reciprocal faith between doctor and patient go to the heart of medical ethics and are the subject of the ceramic works in Stayin' Alive.

Bridget Nicholson:  Hold
To hold a thought, a feeling, a memory in your mind for a significant period of time can be difficult, and yet does not the holding of a thought, a feeling, a memory lead somewhere, help you to better understand, to move on from that place?

Shu-Mei Chan
What is permanence? How and why did we come up with this notion of something lasting forever? What does it mean to last? What does existence mean in a timeline with no beginning or end? I'm interested in the ability of ceramic objects to alter our sense of time by foregrounding the tiny intricacies and ephemerality of human activity against the expansiveness of geological time.

Daniel Evans
Landscape. Environment. Pictorial space. Fired clay. I am interested in how these phenomena influence my physical, emotional and spiritual existence. As a "city boy", I relished the opportunity to visit my country cousins. I wanted my feet to be tough like theirs - to be able to run barefoot on gravel; to get lost in cornfields.

Maiju Altpere-Woodhead, Anna Gianakis, Anita McIntyre and Avi Amesbury :   tracelines
The exhibition tracelines explores the potential of memory, narrative and process as strategies in negotiating concepts of 'place' and 'belonging'. The four Australian Canberra-based ceramic artists all have migrant origins ranging from several generations of Australian-born ancestry to relatively recent post Eastern-block experience. The exhibition was selected as part of the New Craft Future Voices International Craft Conference held in Dundee, Scotland in July, 2007.

Emilka Radlinska:  The Airfoil and Velocity Series
Radlinska says, "As a child, I used to dream of flying. One only has to encase oneself in metal at the local airport to have this modern dream come true. I was a passenger aboard my first flight at the age of 8, on my way from Poland to Australia."

Carole Hanson:  Snow Series
Hanson speaks on the development of her work, "Snow Series began as a simple technical exercise 2 years ago and has since developed into half of my practice. My initial aim had been to strengthen my throwing skills through the development of a design that I would hold my interest and in which I would be compelled to reinvest in over time. I also had a strong aversion to the process of trimming and wanted the work to be particularly difficult so that I could challenge my skills and patience. And thus from humble beginnings the project began."

Josie Walter:  Pots in the Kitchen

Josie Walter is a Senior Lecturer in History and Theory of Design at the University of Derby. Josie gave an ArtForum lecture in March 2004 at the Australian National University on her recently written book Pots in the Kitchen.

Space Between:  A collaborative project

It began in March of 2000, in Denver, where Janet deBoos, Suzanne Wolfe, Georgette Zirbes and I stood together on the podium at the NCECA Conference in order to inform about and to publicly ruminate over "International Collaborations" in the field of ceramics. We knew each other from symposiums, appreciated each other's work and we were interested in the educational profiles of the individual universities represented: The Australian National University, The University of Hawai'i at Manoa, The University of Michigan and the Burg Giebichenstein - College of Art and Design in Halle.

Nakahashi Katsughige:  On the Day 2002
Over the years, Nakahashi Katsushige has done a number of works relating to his artistic exploration of the life and influences of Zero pilot, Hajimi Toyoshima who died during the time of the breakout from the Prisoner of War camp in Cowra, New South Wales, Australia. Katsushige' Artist Talk in Brisbane at the Third Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art in 1999 is an insight into the artist's installation On The Day at the Cowra Art Gallery.

Professor Kwack, Tae-young:  Communciations
Professor Kwack speaks at the Australian National Universities ARTFORUM Lecture series about his current work during his residency as visiting artist in 2001.